Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I feel like I'm going crazy

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I love my kids; they're wonderful! Sometimes, they just bug me to death! Jaydon is going to be starting kindergarten on August 15th. I want him to succeed! He's a smart boy. He knows how to count, and I think he recognizes what numbers are what up to number 10. Before we moved here his headstart teacher told me that he knew how to write his name. GREAT!! I have been trying to get him to do that for me ever since- he wont do it! I started printing off tracing activities that I got off the internet. He has been doing great! They're just lines and everything. So, I print off the ABC's so he can trace them... He really doesnt want to. I get him to do it, but it was a struggle. So, I guess the next couple days we will be working on the ABC's and writing his name and everything. It'll be fun, i hope! I just need to make it a game for him or something.

Carson is being a 2 year old I guess you could say. Its a struggle to get him to listen to me. Any idea's?

Kelcey is doing great. Shes rolling over, and shes been rocking back and forth when she is on her tummy to get back to her back. Pretty soon she'll be rolling all over the place!

Well, there is my rant for right now. I hope everybody is doing great!


Lara Bridges said...

About the school stuff with Jaydon. I have a time of day that we do what we call "Preschool Time". This way he knows it is time to work. This might help.

Katie said...

Well - if you ever find out how to get Carson to listen to you - let me know! It must just be a 2 year old thing ??