Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yep, my kids are pretty wonderful. THEY'RE AWESOME.

I have Jaydon; he wants to be SPIDERMAN! It's all great, he has a wonderful imagination! Jaydon can switch between superheros in an Instant. Spiderman one moment then *BAM* hes superman! He is a funny little boy. He loves school. I hope he always loves school. It will make things easier a little later on.

I then have, Carson.. He wants to be a dinosaur... everywhere we go, hes always growling at people. In sacrament meeting at church, he will turn around in his seat and GROWL. Its always funny AFTERWARDS... but during its kinda Humiliating. Its dead quiet, and then *ROAR* and.. then everybody turns to look at you. :D I love to watch my boys... especially when they are playing nice together. A few weeks ago they were running around the house playing 'Peter Pan' - It was cute!

I also have, Kelcey- She is so funny! She has learned how to blow SPIT BUBBLES. My dad and I were watching her last night, and it was just SO hilarious.. She was making the sound.. 'MA' and she knew just when to shut her lips and then blow.. it was hilarious! She is starting to imitate a lot more now. She waves her WHOLE arm to wave bye-bye. Shes not crawling yet, but she does do the army crawl every once in a while, and she LOVES to roll around and everything. Shes even getting good at scooting around on her bum. She has her 9 month well baby on Monday.. I'll update everybody then.

a few days ago I got a glance in Carson's mouth and noticed that his tonsils were.. HUGE. They're still huge. I will be taking him to the doctor with me on Monday to see if maybe he will look at them and stuff. I hope he doesnt have to have any surgery, but then.. we will see.

I will write more later!


Katie said...

What a fun post about your kids! It's nice that at the end of the day .. we still love them! :)