Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, I must say that today was a good day. We got to talk to Joe today! :D That always makes me feel better! I miss him so much.. Time has gone by so fast, and in a way I think its a blessing. Its a sad to know that I will be leaving my parents house (again) in March. I am excited to get to know my in laws, Max and Sandy, a lot better though! It'll be a great experience. I'm also excited to get to know Joe's brothers and their families better. I miss Joe's sister, Sariah. (We both lived in Colorado Springs) It was always nice having somebody to talk to that was around my age! Sariah, I MISS YOU!! Carson is STILL asking to go see Spencer. Jaydon misses Spencer terribly. I think Kenzie and Kelcey would have loads of fun together here in the very near future!


Joe is doing good! He is excited to get back. One unplanned thing that did happen is Joe's permissive TDY for job hunting was DENIED. So.. thats not good- BUT.. we came up with a plan not to sell as much leave as we originally had planned, so it'll all work out. Pray for us that Joe will find a job quickly...
Christmas is coming quickly, and it's going to be hard without Joe here. We haven't had to spend a Christmas apart before. We will make it through it!

Church was good today. I love going. I know that if I can get through Sacrament Meeting, I can make it through the rest of the meetings. I do have to take Carson to church in his "leash" so he doesn't run away from me. It actually works out pretty good. Jaydon does well with sitting by me... If I could keep him a little quieter during the meeting, it would be great. I bought theses lace up things for the kids a while back when we still lived in Colorado... the kids love em. That is the only way to keep Carson semi-quiet during Sacrament. Today he got to lace his "twinkle star"... granted he doesn't lace them correctly, but he has a blast! yay!

Jaydon had a talk in Primary today. He did a wonderful job. The talk itself was probably shorter than the scripture that was given today, but I must say that I was so proud of him! He walked up to the microphone and cleared his throat.. then proceeded to cough. Everybody (at least the adults) got a kick out of it. As I left the Primary room to go to Sunday School with Kelcey the kids who are going into nursery in January were coming in to the primary room and as I'm walking out of the room I hear this.. "HEY MOMMY!!!" from Carson. I have 2 of the greatest sons in the world! Even if they DO get on my nerves..
Its hard to believe that Carson will be going into Sunbeams in just a couple weeks. Just seems like yesterday he was my round, bald, little (BIG) baby! I love watching them grow and develop and everything, but it is kind of bitter sweet.
Kelcey is 10 months old today. She is so different from my boys... She just loves to sit in my lap at church. Every once in a while she'll want to stand up and face me.... and then try to dig my eye balls out of my head, or pick my nose... and of course stick her hands in my mouth. She is a great baby though. Joe wants her to hold off walking until he gets home. If she does, he would be SO happy.. since he has missed a lot.

My twin brother, James, and his family (Maloa, Nakiya, and Jatae) will be coming for Christmas. They will be here on Friday! I am SO excited! yay! James will be bringing his wii. I stink at video games, so.. Yeah. I think we're going to celebrate my birthday (and James'...) early this year... Its not every year that I get to celebrate my birthday with my twin. The last time we got to celebrate together was right after I got married when we turned 20. It'll be fun. We're turning 26 .... w00t!

Well... This is probably a long post, so I will close. I just felt like rambling. Have a great week everybody!! :D


Katie said...

You are so brave to take 3 kids to church without Joe. Seriously. We have 2 and there are 2 of us, and sometimes I don't think we're gonna make it!

mikensi.jung said...

Sounds like a fun Sabbath day! Sounds like Jaydon's talk went well! Ha, what a champ! I think it IS a blessing that time has flown by! You are strong, Karekare! :) I am glad you will have family coming this week to share the holidays with! Next Christmas will come soon and you will be w/ Joe :) Kelcey sounds like those babies I don't mind NOT holding. LOL! Especially when I had glasses, they'd rip them off my face and get fingerprints all over them. Now they can just rip out my contacts... :P It was fun reading your blog :) I'll post pics of skydiving later! Love you! .tm.