Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My wedding ring is too big

Its been too big for some time now. So today I go in and get an estimate on how much it'll cost to get it resized. The lady told me.. 24 dollars. Then she realized that I had 3 rings saudered together. It then went to 24 dollars PER ring, and then they have to un-sauder the ring ($36.00) and then resize the rings ($72.00) and then RE-sauder the rings back together ($36.00). Total: $144.00 -

Its great that i'm losing weight and everything, but that price just depresses me. I dont want to lose my wedding ring, so I went ahead and had it done.

After I had Jaydon my ring size went up to like an 8.25 - It has gone down to a size 7. I could have gotten it done in a size 6.75, but it was a little to tight.

Anyways, that was my adventure today.


mikensi.jung said...

crapnoids! glad i didn't get my ring saudered. oh wait.. lol- i just have my engagement. :\ i'll be eternally engaGGed. ha haha. anyway- but it was probably worth the money to get it sized down so you won't lose it!