Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm really behind...

(left to right) Joe, Alan, and David.
Was David trying to make a funny face?

Beautiful Kelcey!

This picture is a little freaky... just from Joe's facial expression.

Easter morning with Jaydon

Easter Morning with Carson and Daddy.

Kelcey on Uncle Alan's Harley.
Everybody else is in the mirror....if you look, you can see me!

Hey! Well, things have been going pretty well- We're still trying to figure out what goes where. The kids rooms are actually unpacked. They have nice rooms. Its MY room that has taken the back burner. I/WE really need to get it done! Anyways- Easter was good! AND I finally have some pictures to post! This is how the last few days have gone.

Saturday: I stayed home all day! I made rolls for Easter dinner. We colored EGGS, and just had a bunch of fun hanging out at home. Joe did go rabbit hunting with his brother, David. He better not be cleaning more rabbits in my mother in laws kitchen anytime soon cause.. I don't want t have t witness them pulling fur off a dead animal. My mother and father in law took me out to dinner while the Men cleaned the kitchen of blood and guts.. and whatever. Thanks Max and Sandy for Rescuing me! The kids were in bed when we went out to dinner at 9pm on a Saturday night. Carls jr was the place. Taco Salad was the meal. I then stayed up til around 12:30am SUNDAY to do a couple surveys on Myspace (ohh i'm such an addict!) and then played Easter Bunny.

Sunday: I got up at 7:30 and took a shower. It was much needed! :D One of these days I'm going to take a bath in my in laws soaking tub. That would be a lot of fun! Anyways, we tortured the kids... they had to eat breakfast before they could go search for easter eggs and all that fun stuff. The Thomas the tank engine stuff WON over the candy, cause after they found that their BASKETS had the trains in them, they quit looking for eggs. Kelcey figured out how to open those plastic eggs just by squeezing them. Candy (M&M's and Jelly Beans) went on the floor. We then got ready for Church. The boys were good. Carson has stayed in Primary for 2 weeks straight now, and he hasn't had to come to me for a talking to. Kelcey... my usually quiet child decided that she wanted to scream during Relief Society. But hey, thats alright- After church we went in to Anchorage for Easter Dinner at Alan and Tami's house! It was a lot of fun to see everybody.. although there were a few people that weren't there. I hope Uncle Jim feels better- I don't know why Amy wasn't there. Either way- I hope we get to see you soon! Easter was fun! Now we're back to the mundane. Fine by me, cause the kids are taking a nap and Jaydon is at school... So I'm taking a break from folding laundry.. doing the dishes, and picking up the house. I shouldn't procrastinate.
Joe is at work today. He is doing his 2 weeks for the year with the Reserves.. and hopefully after that he'll get some active duty orders for a while. He goes to Tech School in Biloxi, MS on May 5th I think. He'll get back on the 24th of June, I believe. Well, he better get back cause we have a Fishing charter out of Seward on the 29th... We had to switch it from the 14th, cause Joe wasn't going to be here. That should be a lot of fun, and I am for sure looking forward to the Halibut and whatever we catch!

Here are some pictures... This is turning in to a novel I think- Hope everybody is doing well! Oh, FYI, My cell number is still the same.. but will probably be changing soon- Just a heads up. Bye!


Katie said...

Those pictures really made me miss Alaska.

And I thought Joe killed the Easter bunny - until I read your blog.

mikensi.jung said...

ha ha! wouldn't that be funny if she ended up being a biker chick? lol, ok, maybe not, but she'd be cute. ha haa! funny pic :)