Thursday, March 13, 2008

An update...

Well, the kids and I got to Anchorage, Alaska on March 3rd. Joe and his brothers drove up with the uhaul and got here on the 6th. We picked up our second car today in Anchorage, yay!

We have been trying to unpack and everything. Its never ending! We are here in Wasilla, AK and we are loving it! I have been trying to get pictures of the mountains for the last few days.. It seems that when I want to take pictures.. I either forget my camera or the mountains are cloud covered. Just my luck, right?

Jaydon has started school again, although, after 2 days of school he is on Spring break this week. He loves it! Its full day kindergarten here.. its great!

The boys LOVE to play outside in the big fenced in yard... They are usually good NOT to go into the front yard or the garage... BUT, we have had problems the last few days with the boys not listening. Kelcey has been crawling around like crazy... she doesnt seem to be in a hurry to walk, but I'm not worried... She'll do it when shes ready, right?

I'm doing good.. So is Joe- We are a little stressed with the NO JOB situation.... BUT.. we think that'll change soon. Joe joined the Air Force reserves and is assigned to Elmendorf AFB. He isnt a cop, hes the Unit Training & Education manager for the 477th Fighter Group. We are hoping for active duty orders soon.. Hopefully just until August. We are then Hoping that He'll be employed by the State Troopers or Anchorage Police. We hope things work out!!

Right now I am on Joe's laptop. My nice desktop isnt set up.. quite yet.. for the internet. My dad sent me my computer cause there simply wasnt any room for my computer in the uhaul. While in transit my computer was dropped or something- the CPU case.. is BENT.. I cant get the romovable side of the case back on... and its REALLY wobbly. It does run, but we're going to file a claim and everything.. great, another long process to go along with everything else.

I hope everybody is doing great! We are doing good and surviving..... I'll get some pictures up soon.. I just havent had time to do much on the computer. Sorry if any of you feel neglected... ;)


mikensi.jung said...

sounds like you're all settled and feel at home! sorry to hear about your computer! but, yeah- get that claim in!!! that's cool jaydon has school full day! nice break for you, eh? ;)

Katie said...

Awesome! I miss Alaska this time of year when the snow is melting and summer is on its way! Good luck with the job hunt! We're in the same boat. No job is a lot of stress! Tim's contemplating joining the reserves, too. :/ Hope you get unpacked and settled soon! :)