Friday, May 2, 2008

Computer Drama

So, after procrastinating doing our claim with the Post office for KILLING my computer, we went and did it today. We nearly ran out of time.. Our lesson is to NOT PROCRASTINATE.. anymore! ;) Time will tell if we learned that or not.

Anyways, we took pictures of the box, of the computer tower... and everything. We wasted our time. They were not interested in them at all. In fact.. They took my computer and they are NOT giving it back. We asked for the hard drive back.. THEY SAID NO. So I was competley and utterly MAD. *(Breathes in.. and out)*

So, guess what I got?? Thats right, I got a new computer. I am the owner of a new Sony Vaio laptop. Its a nice laptop... I am pleased with it. It is fast.. I'm hoping to keep it fast by not putting much on it.. we'll see how long that lasts. Either way, its a great computer.. I just hope that after I post this it doesnt crap out on me.

We got a call from the guy at the post office.... we can have my hard drive back. Atleast I'll have it and not some nut job or something... Even though i will probably never get anything off it again. We shall see.. time will tell.

Hope everybody is doing well!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

lame! i guess there are good and bad things that come from this! (don't load your computer w/ a bunch of music) lol!