Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Weekend!

Well, on Saturday we went to Hatcher's Pass. It was a lot of fun and we went and played in the snow! We drove through to Willow..it was long, but a lot of fun. I didnt get any pictures of Joe and I going shooting for our date Saturday night, but.. thats alright- It was a lot of fun shooting Joe's mini Ruger off my hip. We had fun spending time with Alan, Tami, Alaeric, and Niall. After church on Sunday Rusty got out of the house and got in a short fight with a dog, and then had an encounter with a Moose. I went to go get him, but kept my distance once I saw the moose. The moose started kicking, but I think she missed most the time. Rusty just kept goin back for more!! The poor dog. We then went for a drive down Knik-goosebay road and out to Point Mackenzie. We could see Anchorage from there! It was a lot of fun :) Nothing else is new.. just doing the daily mundane.
Carson on Sunday.. in the car.

Anchorage.. from Point Mackenzie

Beaver house on the Willow Side of Hatcher's Pass.

The moose that tried to stomp my dog.

wow, look at that action! This was after the kicking incident.

The little Susitna River

Summit Lake
It was a lot of fun!
Thers the snow line for ya.. Thats looking out towards

Willow from the summit of Hatchers Pass.


Cheryl said...

Your pictures are amazing! Wow! It makes me miss Alaska so much..........well, until I saw the snow. I really don't miss the Alaska winters! Thanks for sharing your weekend and your pictures!!

Lots of love!

Katie said...

I miss Alaska!!

Those are some great photos!

Bridges Family said...

Great pictures Karen! Looks like the fall and winter are definitely there! Fun family times.

mikensi.jimmy said...

karen! the pictures are amazing! seriously.. i'mna have a whole collection of "karekare photos" ;) hopefully i have wall space to hang them all! ;) my friend has that same carseat that carson has. he he hee. anyway- i miss you! i'll try texting you today to see if it works.