Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Days!

Today was Carson's first day of Preschool. The last few days I have been waiting for a call to hear about the Bus Carson would be riding on to get to school... Where it would pick him up and stuff. Well, This morning I couldn't wait anymore!! I call the school at 7:30am. They said that I would have to take him to a central location for pick up. Its the mini mart down the street. No big Deal. Then they told me that his pick up time was scheduled for 7:40, it was then 8 minutes away. WE RUSHED to get out of the house in 2 minutes. My poor kelcey didnt get a coat, only a blanket. Carson got his coat and backpack. Jaydon was dressed but he doesnt get on his bus until 8:30. (thank goodness) We did make it to the bus stop ontime. He got on the bus and he didnt even really acknowledge me when I said good-bye. He had a great day, and is looking forward to going to school tomorrow.