Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Church Clothes

Well, for Christmas the kids got new church clothes! I must say that my boys are pretty handsome, and I have one gorgeous daughter!

She took the bow I had in her hair out!

He just wanted to give me a goofy grin!

He just wanted to show off his snazzy new clothes!

We told them to fold their arms, and this is what we got...
Jaydon looks real impressed.


The Alaska Coyles said...

How beautiful they all look. It's always fun to "dress-up" the kids. I love the couch picture. Jaydon looks as if he is in trouble. Too funny!

mikensi.jimmy said...

omg, ha ha!! jaydon totally looks "impressed." oh man, your kids are so cute!

Bridges Family said...

Great looking kids! I love the dress! The boys are also sporting their Uncle Mark's hair do these days. Very nice!

Nikki said...

Great pictures and outfits! Your kids are so cute!