Monday, December 3, 2007

Kelcey's 9-month well baby

Well, Kelcey, Carson, and I went to Kelcey's well baby this morning. It went pretty good. Kelcey is 29 inches (97+ percentile) and 17lbs 10oz (96 percentile). The doctor wasn't concerned that she wasn't crawling, or pulling herself up, or even going from a laying down position to a sitting position on her own. I wont be concerned either.. I hope! She also got her first flu shot... She has to go in again on January 3rd for the 2nd flu shot. Joy! (not really.. I hate it when my kids get shots)

I also had the doctor look at Carson's tonsils.. He didn't seem to be concerned... But if they get any worse, then I will have to take him back in. Another thing.. the doctor didn't even get a clear view I don't think cause Carson didn't stick his tongue out or anything. We will see what is to come out of that. Anyways, things are going good. Kelcey's next well baby is on her Birthday, and Joe should be home for that.. I'M HOPING! ;) Hope everybody is doing great. I now have to go buy some baby food.. I think I might look into a manual grinder... (thanks Katie, for the idea!) talk to everybody later!


mikensi.jung said...

yay for her well baby appt! :) that's gay the doc didn't look closer at carson's tonsils. i'd sue if anything serious happens, lol! ;) i'm sure he's fine :) ha, a food grinder? really? like the ancients who would grind their corn?