Friday, January 11, 2008

Being a Mother...

Well, I have been sick the last 2 days. My head aches, my throat is SUPER sore, and my stomach is.. feeling a bit funny. I thought today that might feel a little better... but, that wasn't so. I had to cancel my appointment with my trainer at the Gym. I was sad. I figure Jaydon gave me his sickness that he had earlier in the week. I just don't think its fair, but I have gotten sick many times because my children thought it necessary to share their germs. I just wish somebody would take care of me!

Well, Kelcey left me a nice present today. I was taking a LATE shower today.. since I wasn't feeling well. Well, I walked into my moms room where the kids were so my mom could keep an eye on the kids. FIRST THING Jaydon says is.. "Mom, Kelcey pooped!" and I'm thinking "alright, couldn't be that bad!" I take her out in the living room and it was REALLY bad. I had to take her shirt AND onesie off. It didn't go up the back of the diaper.. it went up the FRONT. This WHOLE time all I can think about is what Joe would do. I can just hear him screaming for help.. "AHH AHHH, HELP ME .. HELP ME" - It didn't help that Kelcey thought it was necessary to stick her hands in her diaper. Okay, So.. Forget the wipes, I took her to the tub and hosed her down... She needed a bath anyways. Joe, if you're reading this.... you don't get to scream anymore when you're changing poopy diapers! What a day.

I had to lower Kelcey's mattress in her crib today. She was starting to pull herself up and I was afraid that she was going to fall out. Good reason, right? Right. Well, I went and got her a bumper pad cause she has this habit of pushing herself up towards the rails in the crib and hits her head.. then wakes up and cries. This afternoon all she wanted to do was play with the bumper pad...instead of taking a nap! She is a pro at sitting herself up now.. She was extremely tired when I tried to put her to bed, and she just cried when I put her there for the night... She eventually fell asleep in my arms... after a struggle.

The boys are doing great. Jaydon told me today that He didn't have homework this weekend and everything. Then I told him he still had to work on his sight words.. and he was like... "NO, I DON'T! NO HOMEWORK" - He really told me! I'll work them in sometime this weekend though- Carson is starting to listen just a tad better- I am pleased with that accomplishment!

We are all getting really excited for Joe to get home! Joe has a briefing tomorrow before work..Hes going to call me after work and tell me whats going on. I still don't have a set date for his return.. maybe I never will. It would be nice though! I'll let you know of any new developments!


mikensi.jung said...

oh sick! i'm never having kids! lol! anyway... at least there are rewards of being a mom. :) and joys. :) you're awesome... you're hangin in there. just a couple of more weeks! "you can do eet!"