Friday, January 4, 2008

The last few days

Life is great! On January 2nd, I turned 26. Not as bad as I thought it would be.. It shouldnt scare me to get older, should it? In an earlier post I said that Joe got me 2 dozen roses for my birthday... they are now on their way out and are almost dead! :( Sad! They were SO beautiful though.. I loved them! I think my best birthday present will be coming a month late... when Joe gets home! I didn't do much for my birthday.. I went to the gym. Proved to myself that I could in fact walk 3.6 miles an hour on the treadmill. With my short legs, it felt like they were going to fall off or I was going to fall, but I think I did awesome! Pretty soon I'll start jogging.. wouldn't that be cool? That would be the first time in... a really long time! I think I was a sophomore in High School the last time i really jogged.. or ran or really anything. I did have a great time though- Jaydon's Christmas vacation ended and had to go back to school on the 2nd, too- He loves school. I didn't have any problem with him getting at 7am to get ready for School. I, on the other hand wished that I could have slept in! ;) I had an awesome ice cream cake from Baskin Robins. It was yummy.

Kelcey had her second flu shot on the 3rd. She started crying before I could lay her down on the exam table... poor girl! Her 12 month appointment is on the 18th of February. Hard to believe that she is going to be 1 in just a short little bit.

Carson isn't excited for Sunbeams. I hope he has fun at the primary activity tomorrow! He's going to go meet his new teacher. Jaydon is too, but I think his teacher is the same lady.

Well, as I said earlier, Joe will be home in a short month! Projected date of return is the 10th of February! BUT from what I hear it's changing ALL the time.. So It could actually be sooner... (I am actually hoping for sooner) I will be driving the kids up to Lehi, Utah so my WONDERFUL sister in law, Maloa and my GREAT twin brother, James, can watch my kids. (I'm hoping Joe will get home sooner, cause James and Maloa's wedding anniversary is on the 9th of February...). I will fly out of Salt Lake, and fly to Denver. Hopefully somebody will be willing to come get me... there. Then I'll be in Colorado Springs for a couple days... Joe will in process from being gone, and then we'll be free to drive back to Salt Lake. Pick up the kids (and my van) and drive back down to St. George. During the week or so that Joe will be IN St. George, we'll be packing stuff up so Joe can drive back to Colorado Springs to.. OUT PROCESS for SEPARATION. He'll then pack all of our stuff onto a uhaul. His 2 brothers are flying down from Anchorage, Alaska to help him drive back to Alaska. (THANKS David and Alan!) I will then fly out from an airport. Which airport? I don't know. Joe keeps changing the plan.. lol - It could be Vegas, Salt Lake, or Seattle. When I know more.. You will.. - I promise!

Anyways, I better go.. i need sleep. After the work out i got at the gym tonight from the new trainer.. I'm exhausted.


mikensi.jung said...

that's exciting! you are definitely making progress at the gym! i'll bet it'll feel great to jog again! my throat gets so dry and i feel like i'm gonna cough up a lung when i jog. so, i don't do anything. you're my idol, really! i hope joe gets home SOONER than later as well.. for you... :)