Monday, January 7, 2008

Success! & Sickness! :(

Well, Carson was good in Sunbeams. I really thought that he was going to put up a fight when I took him into the primary room. That kid has WAY too much energy! He was running all over the place. He went and played on the piano and didn't want to do anything that I asked him to. He did get settled, and I was quiet surprised when I went to get him from the sunbeams room and the teacher said.. "His brother already came and got him!" - Jaydon took him back to his CTR 6 classroom.

Jaydon is sick today. Last night he didnt want to eat dinner cause his tummy hurt and he said he had a headache. This morning when I went to get him up he felt warm.. and he was pale. He still wanted to go to school. I didnt know what to do so I went and had my mom feel him.. she told him that he should stay home and let mommy watch him, so hopefully he could go to school tomorrow. He then started agreeing with everybody. I hope he gets better, REALLY soon!

Kelcey tried to pull her self up last night. She only got onto her knees, but its still exciting! This morning I was feeding her her bottle... and after she finished, she clapped for herself. I dont think shes stopped clapping since then.. Its adorable.

I'm doing good. I'm still sore from my trip to the gym on Friday. I dont like doing legs, but frankly its what I need to work on the most. The soreness isn't as bad as it was yesterday. I have another appointment with the Trainer today and then again on Friday. I expect that hes going to be hard on me again, which is good!


Katie said...

I'm so jealous you have a trainer! Actually my sister is graduating next year in exercise science, so I'll have to make her come help me!