Friday, February 22, 2008

Its been awhile...

I thought that I should update this thing. It has been awhile, after all! I do have pictures to upload for everybody to see, so I might be doing that after the kids are in bed. I'm just going to write..... for now.

Kelcey is getting a ton of teeth in. It hasn't been very well for our efforts in trying to get her on table food AND the sippy cup! I just get that sippy cup near her mouth and she screams. Her gums are swollen... it also doesn't help that the poor girl is SICK. She started the sickness in the house, and Carson, Jaydon, and I now have it! Joe escaped before he could catch it I guess! Kelcey is crawling all over the place and she walks WITH support (Holding my hands). The boys were daredevils, and Kelcey is this cautious little thing!! It is a nice change though..
Kelcey turned 1 on the 16th, and yes, I have birthday pictures! I'll post them.. dont worry. She also had her 1 year well baby.... She only weighs 18lbs 14oz (20th percentile) and is 29.5 inches tall (60th percentile). I dont remember the measurement for her head, but it was in the 30th percentile. She is growing so, that is ALWAYS good!

Carson has been a challenge since Joe got home. He's always pushing limits, and lately with me being sick, i'm at a loss for Patience. Sad, huh? He is wayy energetic and I hope Grandma and Grandpa McQueen are ready! He is going to be a challenge in sunbeams at Church... Maybe grandma and grandpa should give his new teacher a heads up!!

Jaydon has been doing alright. we are still working sounding out words and actually getting a word out of sounding out the word.. .if that makes sense. He is doing pretty good with his sight words, too. He loves school, he just doesnt stay on task that well. We are working on it. He is quite the character! He will proudly spell out his name for any of you!!

Joe is back in Colorado out-processing. He is almost done. His brothers get into Colorado on Monday, and Joe gets into Las Vegas on Wednesday. We will then leave St. George, Utah on Thursday or Friday... We are still trying to work out these details! We are such procrastinators!! We are for sure excited to get back to Alaska though! woohoo!

I am doing okay. I have been sick the last 3 days, and it hasn't been fun at all! I have had this headache the last 3 days, my nose is stuffy, and it makes it hard to sleep at night. I have this sore throat, and when i cough.. it hurts even worse. I'm tired all the time, too. It STINKS. I do hope it goes away soon though- I also have had this gigantic cold sore on my lip.. I swear it takes up half of my upper lip. Its getting better though- yay! The kids and I will get better soon... we are hoping BEFORE we get to boise cause we dont want to make Great Grandma and Grandpa sick! Hope you all are doing well!!


mikensi.jung said...

you guys leave soon! i can't believe it! i'm excited you are going to alaska! safe travels to you and your fam! it was great to read the update! shoots!