Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Joe got in to the Colorado Springs Airport this afternoon! I got to the gate just in time to see the plane taxi in and everything. I was so excited!! Joe was the first one off the plane! It was great! I thought that I would cry like a baby, but I didn't. I did cry a little though- It is SO great having Joe home. I am totally excited for him to see the kids. Hope everybody is doing well. I'm going to go spend time with my husband now!

Joe and I after he got off the plane

SSgt McQueen just home from Iraq


mikensi.jung said...

AWESOME!!! You look GOOD btw, Karen! Welcome home, Joe!

McQueens of Alaska said...

Nice! glad your safe. Cant wait to see you all.

Randrea said...

We're so glad that Joe made it home safe!!! It was great to see you kare!!