Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kelcey being cute

I'll get more pictures of the boys soon. I thought that I would post these cute pictures of Kelcey.

The boys are really on my nerves right now. Carson isn't listening and Jaydon is complaining that Carson is bugging him and everything. They're egging each other on. I was going to do this later, but Joe REALLY wanted to see the pictures.

I leave for Lehi Tomorrow afternoon. I will then leave for Denver on Saturday afternoon. I am So excited!! Joe should be in sometime Monday. Hope everybody is doing great!! Ü

pretty blue eyes!

she loves those cookie things

She also loves cuddling her stuffed animals

She loves the mum mum's, too

more cuddles for the giraffe!
Yes, she has wild hair.


Tami'z Blog said...

Karen, I am so excited for you! Give Joe a big hug for us...See you soon!

mikensi.jung said...

i want a mum mum. :( she's a doll! she's growing so fast! daddy will be so excited to see her little girl, though! ^^ love you, be safe!