Friday, February 1, 2008

A photo Update

I am posting some recent pictures that I have taken in the last 2 weeks or so. I have been lazy with the blogging. I've been lazy with picture taking, too, obviously. It seems that the last while (day wise) has been CRAWLING. Speaking of Crawling.. Kelcey IS crawling on ALL fours. Mostly on Carpet though- She doesnt like crawling on tile, but who would? Carson is being testy, and so is Jaydon. We are working on word sounds.. and sounding out words.. and recognizing those word sounds in words. He is doing good. we are still working on Sight words! Both the boys love me to read to them.. and they especially like the Book of Mormon Stories. So fun!

Jaydon was helping me by feeding Kelcey.

shes working on it!

Carson LOVES close-ups

she was tired.

Grandpa shared his Popsicle.

Jaydon loves Popsicles.

He had to be tired.



mikensi.jung said...

LoL! Your kids are such crack ups!! I am sad I won't get to hang out with them and be their fake aunty. :p Can you believe Jaydon is almost 6!!? I like that Spiderman pic! ^_^ That's Jimmy's favorite :D