Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures... woohoo!

Yeah, I think this is one of his favorite ways to take a picture.. with His tongue hanging out.

He was getting ready to to do something.....
Jaydon. He looked away and did something as I was taking the picture.
all 3 of them .. for a few seconds. After I took this picture, they were off in different directions.
Man, Maybe wes hould think about cleaning our kids faces more often.
Kelcey being CUTE.

She wanted to go outside, really bad!
his face is dirty, too! but isnt he just SO DANG cute?!

Jaydon and Kelcey. I swear.. my kids are good lookin'

Joe.. he really didnt know I was taking pictures...

My sweet faced Jaydon

isnt she just adorable?

He was trying to blow me kisses... he really is a sweet boy!
Carson, Jaydon, and Joe... Up at Hatchers Pass.

Jaydon.. I think he was trying to be a bird.

This is the only moose I have seen in.. the almost 2 months that I've been back to Alaska.


mikensi.jimmy said...

omg! what FUN pictures! sometimes you make me want to have kids and sometimes you don't. LOL!! i mean that in a good way, don't worry! :D i'm diggin your photography skillz!! hope we get to reunite SOON! i miss you and need to meet the rest of your kids! ok, that leaves kelcey. ha ha. she's sooo precious!

tylerginas said...

What cuties! I want to see you! We may be going to Anchorage this weekend or maybe next weekend, not for sure yet. We need to pick up some toys for Shayla....and the spoiling starts! I will let you know when for sure.