Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is summer on its way??

I thought that I would let you all know that Joe has passed his initial testing with the Anchorage Police Department. He has his physical testing to go to on Tuesday the 22ND of April, but he is very excited and everything. Joe is really hoping to get this job, until then he is working with his reserve unit at Elmendorf AFB. He leaves for Tech School on the 4Th of May. I'm not looking forward to that, but he has to go. I'm sure we'll be fine anyways.

Jaydon gets out of school on the 20Th of May. He is looking forward to First grade! Carson is telling everybody that he is going to preschool. I really need to find him a preschool. Kelcey still isn't walking, but is getting more confident with the cruising she does along EVERYTHING. I'm sure she'll be walking in no time.

Joe is out bear hunting today...I'll let you know what comes of that!

yesterday we were able to go to the temple. It was wonderful! Some old friends from Soldotna were there, The Steadman's! It was fun seeing them and talking with them and everything. I met one of Joe's old friends at the temple, too- James Humenez (sorry if i spelt that wrong..) It was fun getting to know and see more people that Joe knew as he was growing up.

The snow has been melting and I think we're going through a second break-up season. My car needs to be washed in the worst way.. but whats the point if its just gonna get REALLY dirty again REALLY soon? I missed the perfect picture taking opportunity last night in Anchorage...

I could have taken a really pretty picture of the Anchorage Temple, and I could have taken a really nice picture of the Orange moon with the mountains. I got a picture on my phone, but seriously, my phone camera does not compare with that Nikon I just got! I'll have another opportunity again, soon.. I'm sure.

Max, my father in law, was telling me that the temperature here is supposed to get up to like 60 degrees on Wednesday! Can you believe that? I'm excited.. It was 60 degrees in St. George, Utah when I left! I need the warmth.. summer is on its way! Another thing.. I dont remember the Sun staying up til 10 o'clock at night in April.. is that just me or has it always been this way?

I would totally post some pictures... but they are on MY computer upstairs so I will have to do that later on today. I got a nice picture of a Moose... and.. Joe in his snow shoes and everything! STAY TUNED!!!


Randrea said...

You saw my parents?! That's so cool! I wish that I could have been there with all of you!! Randall and I are coming to Alaska for memorial weekend. It's going to be a short trip...just the weekend, but I can't wait to come home!!

mikensi.jimmy said...

yeah, i think that 97 wpm was either my first or 2nd. i played around with it more when i got home, but it kept getting lower and lower, lol! must be jimmy's laptop keypad. i hate it. toshiba's are yucky! anyway- i talk to you some much now this isn't new, lol! not sure what to say, ha ha! that's an awesome pic of the temple, though! 's where i got murried-- w00t! take it easy and i hope you find those shorts!