Friday, April 25, 2008

What's up?!

IT'S SNOWING.... AGAIN! The valley is under a snow advisory until Saturday morning. We could get up to 4 inches of fresh snow... Come on, the last 6 inches just finished melting.. it was 60 degrees a couple of days ago! I JUST WASHED MY CAR OF THE FILTH OF ALASKA ROADS!

I'll get over this when its 60 degrees again. Jeez.


mikensi.jimmy said...

sucks. remember how i wanted to wash my car, too?? it rained today. :) i didn't wash my car yet... good thing i guess? i hope the sun comes out for you! i'd send you some, but it's rainy today!

McQueens of Alaska said...

dont feel bad just measured 14" on my tool box. When we had 10" the weather people said we were going to get 8-15 more inches. 10+15=25.
I had to do that equation just to make you feel good. when they say spring showers breing May flowers were they talking snow?