Friday, April 25, 2008

Did anybody feel that??

Yes... I just felt and earthquake. How big? I don't know. BUT, Joe didn't feel it, but the house creaked and all the mirrors were shaking. I had to point it out to him! I don't think I've felt an earthquake in 6 years. Wow. Hurray for me, right?


McQueens of Alaska said...

i think dad got home LOL

mikensi.jimmy said...

got to love those tremors!!

mikensi.jimmy said...

karen, you crack me up! i get lower and lower the more times i play on that typing test. i'm glad to know that someone enjoys reading my blogs and rantings. :) i love you! thanks for being such a great friend! soooo glad we got back in touch recently!! friends for life! <3 you!