Friday, May 9, 2008

ps I Love you

yes, I'm watching "ps I love You" - I watched this movie before Christmas with my mom. We liked it! I bought it when it came out earlier this week. Blame it on my mother.. she LOVES to buy movies, and I picked up on it! Dont worry.. Its not a bad thing. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. But I do like this movie. Too bad I have to watch it alone.

Things are going well. Joe has been gone almost a week, and I'm still not use to not having him here with me. (I MISS YOU, BABE!) Joe is down in Mississippi going to school for 2 months for his Reservist job. The reservist job has really been a blessing! We have a little money coming in and we're actually doing alright. Joe thinks he just may stay in for the rest of his 20 years and get the retirement pay and everything when the time comes. As most of you know Joe wont be getting hired on with the Anchorage Police Department. He has plans to apply for the State Troopers. There is also a Court Services Job that is open. We'll see what happens, but I think everything will work out just fine!

The kids are doing great. Jaydon will be out of school on the 20th of May, and is excited for the summer. He keeps asking why its still light outside when he goes to bed. (how cute and funny is that!?) Carson is doing rather well. He wants to go to school really bad. Good news, Sandy, my mother in law got me an application for HeadStart for the kiddo. We'll fill that out this weekend and take it to the office next week. Kelcey is doing good- Shes starting to feed herself more and more. My baby is growing up! She still isn't walking, but we are starting to think that shes just gonna take off by herself one of these days.

I am doing good. Not much has been going on! Its spring time here in Alaska, and I love it! The trees are blooming, and it just makes me feel good. When I left St. George, things were blooming, so seeing things bloom here is kinda like an awakening for me of sorts. Pretty soon when its a little warmer we'll be spening more time outside. The boys have been spending A LOT of time outside, and they love it! They have been playing in the back yard with their light sabers and playin in the dirt and with rocks. Its been fun to watch.

I hope you all are doing well. I am going to take some pictures tomorrow with the kids.. I wish the grass was green.. it would make for some pretty pictures!


Randrea said...

Spring time in Alaska!! Yay!! It sounds like you and your family are diong great!! I'll have to check out that movie :) Miss ya!! Andrea S.

mikensi.jimmy said...

i was supposed to watch that movie w/ you! lulz.. well, i wanted to. ohana video was out when we went to rent it. but we saw "dan in real life" and it was awesome! i'd buy it. :)