Thursday, May 15, 2008


The last few days here in Alaska have been gloomy and rainy, but I did take some pictures! Its spring time in Alaska, and I'm SO thankful! I don't know how I'm going to make it through next winter- I'll get through, right?
Joe is still in Mississippi doing his school for his reserves job. He has found a couple more jobs to apply for. Maybe I'll write something more on that later..!
Things seem to be going great. Jaydon is 3 school days away from finishing Kindergarten. Today we had a meeting at the school. We were going over Jaydon's previous IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and getting a new one set up. Most of you know that Jaydon is in Speech Therapy, and everything, but starting next year he will also be getting assistance with writing, math, and reading. We are keeping an eye out for his learning disabilities, and feel that this is the road to go. Someday he could grow out of it. BUT for now he needs the help! Sometimes I hate how emotional I am. During this meeting I busted out crying! Don't ask me why, I've heard the same stuff over and over- Maybe it's because I love him so much, that I don't want to see him struggle? He's a strong little boy, and he can do anything- and he is going to do wonderfully great in 1st grade!
Carson is doing well, too- He's still asking about preschool. He wants to go BAD. Hes not content with being at home with me all day. I guess it is time for him to go out and get some school experience before he has to go to kindergarten. Its hard to think that He is going to be 4 years old in August. He was such a sweet bald baby! Somedays I miss him being that sweet bald baby, cause these days he runs around and doesnt want to listen to me at all! Ah, how life changes when they aren't babies anymore.
KELCEY IS WALKING!! My mother in law got a video of it! I will have to get it from her sometime and post it! She is the funniest little girl! Her first 3 steps were a few weeks ago, but out of the blue a few days ago, she just started walking, and getting herself up onto her feet without any help from the couch or anything. The only time she walks during the day though is around 4:30pm til about 6pm, Its weird. She still likes crawling a lot. At 15 months, she has taken the longest to learn to walk. Jaydon was 11 months old, and Carson was 12 months old. My little girl is growing up, it's hitting me. Did you know that she is going to be in nursery in 3 months?! It'll be nice, but its going to be hard, too!

I have been doing well. I have had a few days where it has been hard. I wont go into it, but I think the bad days are passing, and I hope that things will progressively get better. Hope to talk to you all soon! Here are my pictures that I thought you all would like to see!

whoa. yeah, I was bored.

The mayday tree is getting its leaves and everything!!


In the winter this place is known as the land of Sticks.

she was being so cute!

This is her way of blowing kisses to mama

Jaydon, posing for the camera

Carson and Rusty. I could never get Carson to look at me.
He was having too much fun walking around and "RAWRing" at me


mikensi.jimmy said...

RAWR! lol, cuuute! these pics are adorable! it is time for hw now, the hubby just walked in, but i will read your blog later!

mikensi.jimmy said...
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Katie said...

Jaydon will be fine! Tim had a hard time all the way through school, and they even held him back a grade, but he's going to graduate college (fingers crossed) next semester! It's hard to see your babies struggle.

Joseph said...

I like the first picture the best!

Hang in there sweetie everything will be great!

Love you!

Joseph said...

The first picture is my favrite!
Hang in there, I LOVE YOU!