Monday, June 9, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Well, today was a gorgeous day, after lunch time. It was warm (a little over 60 degrees) and it was fun! After dinner this evening we went to Wonderland park. The actual park play place was closed for Maintenance, so we went on the walking trail. It was a lot of fun! The boys had fun running and exploring. Kelcey got to sit in her stroller and look around. Grandma and grandpa walked around with us, too! After the walking we went to Nunlee (I dont know how to spell it..) and played around. The boys loved it. Kelcey got to walk around a whole bunch and got to walk on rocks and uneven ground, it was fun watching her! I was trying to show the boys how to swing, but they just weren't getting it. I got on the swing and showed them and then they thought it was pretty cool that mom was on the swing. Then they lost interest and went to the slide and played around. We came home and had bath time. I put all 3 of them in the tub together, cause with Joe being gone its just easier to do them all at once since the boys can dress themselves. It works out pretty good. Thank goodness Joe is getting home on the 19th!! It'll be great having him home. I'm sick off all the separations that we've had to go through in the last year. I know we'll probably have more in the future, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
On Saturday I was taking some pictures. I have realized that even if I do have this really awesome camera, I can take some pretty bad photos. I would love to take a few photography classes.. or have one of my friends teach me!! Anyways.. here is what I got.... Oh, no pictures of Kelcey this time.. she was napping during all this excitement!

They both seem to love working on the puzzles that I got them.
Carson looks on, and Jaydon completes it!


I was trying get them both to jump at the same time....

Jaydon first....

Carson second..

picture of grandmas flowers.

Rusty running. Nothing is wrong with the dog.. Its Seasonal Flank Alopecia.. Very common in Boxers.
The Mayday tree in the backyard.

lol, i tried to get them to jump at the same time.. It never quite worked out. but this is a great picture! I have some rapid frames on my computer.. where they are doing Ring Around the rosy. I'll have to post those!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

aw! what fun pictures! you're becoming quite the photographer! yes, still jealous! lol! your boys are so funny with their galoshes! fun times!!