Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Exciting Weekend!

Our weekend started out Friday evening. We left Wasilla at around 5:30pm only to turn around 20 minutes away from home cause Joe forgot his fishing license. We made our way to Anchorage and had a dinner at a nice little chinese place on Northern Lights and gambell. We then made our way down to the Kenai Peninsula. we had plans of getting to Dolly Varden campground around 9pm. We got there around 10:30pm. We met one of my greatest friends in the world, Denise, there and had a blast! we didnt go to bed till around...2am I think. We did discover that we had a hole in our air mattress and had to buy a new one. You will be happy to know that I did cook breakfast on Saturday morning and it was wonderful! We only had pancakes. So maybe it wasnt THAT wonderful, but it was still yummy! we went and saw Gina (one of my other really great friends) and went out to lunch. It was a lot of fun! Joe said that it was one of the most boring lunches that he has ever been to, but that is because he was the only male there. Denise was there with her daughter, Blaire. Gina was there with her Daughter, Shayla. And then there was me.. KIDLESS! How often does that happen? Its a very rare occasion. We had our fun girl talk and it was great hanging out with my best friends again! There were more people I wished I could have seen! I'm sorry if I didn't to see you. There will be another time! After Lunch I went and saw my old neighbors, the Houglum's. They are wonderful people. We had a lot of fun. We drove by the house I lived in growing up and I was disappointed in the way that the people who are living there aren't keeping it up very well. I wont say anymore. BUT it is still a great looking house!
We headed out to Seward. It was a gorgeous drive! There are a lot of idiot drivers out there and we had to keep a look out. For instance, there was a lady pulling out from Skilak lake road.. We dont think she even stopped at the stupid stop sign cause she just pulled out, and went REALLY slow. HELLO, LOOK before you get on the busy sterling highway in cooper landing! UGH. Anyways, she did pull over after she saw that we were coming close on her tail and slamming on our brakes.
On a sad note there was an accident at the Junction at the Sterling and Seward Highways. There was a pickup truck that pulled out in front of a motorcycle. When we got to the scene there were like 6 police cars and the ambulance had just gotten there. I was very disturbed when I saw the motorcyclist covered in a white sheet. It still disturbs me. I can still see the whole scene in my head. sadness! I hope and pray that his family is comforted during this hard time that they are going through.
We got to our camp ground and then went into Seward to see Jim, Bill, Amy, Theresa, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. It was nice seeing them. We also got to see the boat we were going to be taking out Halibut charter on! yay! We went back to our campsite after that and set things out. We got our tent up, cooked some dinner, and roasted some marshmallows and had smores. We didnt make it to bed until around 1am. We had to be up at like 5am to be able to get to the charter one time at 6:45am!
We overslept. We woke up at 5:40am. We got up and got dressed and got everything together and went over to David's campsite. It was next door practically. We rode in his van to Seward. We went out on this charter with Joe's brothers, Alan and David. Their wives Tami and Heidi came, too! We were a few minutes late, but it was all good! It turns out that My 4th grade teachers daughter was the charter captain. It was very interesting to see such a small girl do what you would normally see a man do. She was a great captain! We each had a lot of fun. We rode 3 hours out, and we had a lot of bites. We threw a lot of halibut back, but we all caught our 2 halibut. I also caught a yellow eyed rock fish (red snapper) and I almost caught a couple pink salmon, but they both got away. We got to see some wildlife, too- whales, puffins, sea lions, and other sea birds. It was a lot of fun. :) We road back to seward. We thought that we would get our fish taken care of at J-Dock cause Joe thought that he was going to have to be back to work on Tuesday...We did save our selves some time, but...Joe doesnt have to go back to work until July 7th. After the charter we went and had dinner, too- by the time we got back to the camp site it was 7:30. I was exhausted and went and laid in bed. I think I fell asleep around 8pm and didnt wake up until 8am the next morning. I was seriously exhausted!
We packed up our camp the next morning. We were going to leave after having Hot Chocolate but David and Heidi thought that it would be fun to go on a "WALK". Never go on a "WALK" with David and Heidi in crocks (you know, the shoe). We walked around the camp grounds down to Kenai Lake. Walking through the woods, sand/dirt, gravel and water isn't fun with crocks on. It was a nice little 2 hour "WALK" though.
We went into Seward and got our fish and went to lunch. I had a killer headache, and we headed back to Wasilla. My headache didn't go away until we got home and I took some Motrin and ate dinner and took a small nap on the couch. It was a great weekend. I wouldnt mind doing it again sometime soon!
on a side note, there are TONS of pictures that were taken. I will hopefully post them on some album site so you can see all of them. that takes a lot of work- It might be a little bit before i can do it and have it complete. If you love Alaskan Scenery then will love these pictures.. lol.

Alan counting our tip money.

This is a glacier. I dont know the name of it.

Anyone up for sailing on the chilly Alaskan waters of Resurrection Bay?

Seward Boat Harbor

Its me with bad hair and a gigantic coldsore. Why did I put this on here?

This is David. He's goofy!

The whale we saw

The whale, again.

They are sea lions. I forgot to edit the pictures ON the camera before i deleted them off my card. I was so mad at myself.


Its tasty stuff!

Heidi, on the way back to Seward

Tami, also on the way back to Seward.

Pretty, isn't it?

This is the Yellow Eyed Rock Fish (red snapper) that I caught.


mikensi.jimmy said...

that was a lot to read, but the pictures told a story to me. ha haa! i just saw KIDLESS on there and chortled. :) those fish are so ugly.. but i'm sure they taste yummy! esp deep fried halibut!