Thursday, July 3, 2008

An evening of FUN!

Last night it was REALLY warm. It was the first actual time this summer that it broke 70 degrees. We decided that it would be fun to get out the little kiddie pool and jump through the sprinkler. I took a few pictures. The cold water wasn't a favorite, but after the water sat in the sun for a while it wasn't bad! the boys especially had fun! Kelcey did, too.. just wandering around in the back yard. Great fun!! :D Jaydon was gone for most of the picture taking. He went to Home Depot or Lowes with Daddy and Grandpa.. but he had a blast, too. :D

Totally fun!!

This was after he decided that it was too cold to sit down.

she wasn't too happy. I think shes right in the middle of a laugh cry thing there..

It was too cold for her, too- She was trying to get out!

The kids' hand prints in wet cement.

Kelcey sporting her new shades!

It was warm.. and LOTS of fun!

he got brave standing in the sprinkler water

she wouldn't put that piece of paper down!

Blowing bubbles in the water.. with a bubble thing. He went and got all the bath toys to put in there...


mikensi.jimmy said...

these are such great photos! really fun pictures, too! it looked like they had a fun time ^^ kelcey and her piece of paper, lol-