Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pictures (... and LOTS of 'em!)

Just thought that I would post some pictures.. Since I have been slacking off. Some of these are just.. weird. Enjoy!

My baby lost his FIRST tooth...

Yes, I picked out all the raisins cause I don't like them. But they are good in Raisin bread!

This was in a yard on the way into Seward. HILARIOUS!


Yeah, when I saw this I just sat and stared at that tree.. I didn't know what to think of it. Then I started laughing cause it was so weird.

Not impressed.

Great Grandma reading stories! The boys ♥ LOVED ♥ it.

Kelcey and her baby doll

a moose we ran into while hiking.

Now, this is Joe being goofy.. I think he was trying to be like the Karate Kid.

This was on the way into Seward, too. We thought it was pretty cool.


mikensi.jimmy said...

ha ha! it was nice to see that one of joe... karate kid. :) i like it :) and those .balls. hanging from the tree!? wtf?