Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Area

On the 15th of August we went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Area in Portage, Alaska. It was GREAT! Even if it was raining.. and it was muddy... it was a lot of fun to see all the animals native to Alaska. Well, not ALL the animals in Alaska.. just some. It was a great experience. The Moose and Bears were my favorite! A bull moose peed right infront of me. I got a picture. He then proceeded to stick his nose IN his own pee and smell it. (GROSSS) BUT, then he lifted his nose in the air and everything.. made for a great picture! I hope you enjoy them! one of my best friends, Denise, and her daughter, Blaire, came with us. We went in celebration of Jaydon and Carson's Birthday's.

A Black Bear

Two Black Bears play fighting

He's/she's Eating...he/she would NOT look up!

A Moose

This was after he stuck his own nose in his pee.

a Brown bear

one of the brown bears decided it was nap time..

cute little fawns eating..