Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goals, Hopes, and Dreams.........

Well, I have been thinking a lot lately... and I got this Idea from a friend on Myspace (Thanks Marissa!) and I think it would be a good idea to share what I would like to achieve in the near future and sometime before I pass on. How does that sound..?! I have been meaning to write this post for a long time!! :D I will be focusing on Talents and Hobbies, Careers, and Destinations.

Talents and Hobbies:

  • The Piano. I want to re-learn to play. I never thought that I would say this, but I miss it, A LOT. Someday soon I would love to get another piano and just play, and develop that talent that I let go of.
  • Photography. I love it! I know I'm not the best at it, but when I get a great picture, I get the satisfaction that I TOOK IT! I have a great camera, so I can really do more with this one. I would love to get more GREAT pictures of People.. especially of family and kids. Scenery is great, too... especially up here in Alaska
  • Baking. I LOVE IT. I NEED to do more of it.. but I don't want to get fat.... cause if I made it, I would have to eat it... along with the other great people here to eat it. (if you haven't checked out Bakerella DO IT. shes fantastic with her cupcake pops!) - HEY, I guess Cooking can go in there, too- I love it.. I'm just not the greatest. I guess thats why I should improve this one.. cause I do it everyday almost.
  • Teaching. MY KIDS. I don't know if I could do this as a career.. but since I am a mom.. I guess teaching is my Job. I just wish I was better at it, and I wish I had more patience with it.
  • Quilting, Sewing, Crocheting. Okay, I know my mom is a great Sewer and Quilter. I didn't inherit that quality. I tried quilting one time.. I messed it up horribly, but I STILL want to learn! I was never good at sewing.. (home ec wasnt that great for me.) I can do the basics, but thats it. How do you get beyond that.. or is it all basic? I like the peace that comes to me when I crochet. I crocheted a few of the edges on Kelcey's receiving blankets. I loved it.

  • First and foremost I am a Mom. I love being able to be around my kids all day. Its fun! It is a difficult job, but hey, the Lord never said it would be easy, right?
  • Medical Transcription. I still have the goal to do it. It may not be RIGHT NOW, but Soon. I am still working through my course, even if my time has run out.. sadly enough.
  • Nursing. Don't know where that one came from. Its always been an interest. I love the thought of being able to help people.. especially those that need my help.
  • I have always loved working with computers. (I get that from my dad!) I use to know a lot about computers, and then.... I got married. Joe knows more about computers than I do so I let him do all the work and then in turn, i lost my knowledge.
  • England. Joe went there on his Mission. I want him to show me around! I have ancestors from there, too.
  • Scotland. My ancestors came from there.. well, at least some of them if I remember correctly.
  • More of Alaska. It's a HUGE state. I've never been to Fairbanks or anything.
  • Anywhere, really- Hawaii would be nice, Mexico... anywhere! I think I just want to travel.

More than anything though I want my family to be together forever. I love them! I need to read my scriptures more.. pray harder with more intent.. Do what Heavenly Father would have me do. I know everybody would benefit more if i did those things.. and life would be that much sweeter if I would only do it...

So, there it is.. What are your dreams?


mikensi.jimmy said...

I LOVE it! I will have to check out bakerella sometime. I need to go get ready for the day. At any rate... I wish you the best and hope that you can live these wishes and goals! I love YOU and will travel w/ you any day, lol!

Our Family said...

Sounds like great goals! Go for it Karen!