Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little more....

Jaydon is on his second week of 1st grade. He loves riding the bus to and from school. He was excited to make a tie dye shirt at school last week, and then was able to wear it to the school assembly on Tuesday. He is having a blast! We have been working on reading at home... Bob books are great!

We went blueberry picking on Saturday.... We didnt get many berries, cause they were not that ripe yet. We have made a batch of Blueberry muffins, and they turned out great! Joe made them and he keeps telling me that he over mixed them and they had high peaks and they were smooth. They were yummy reguardless. We are planning on having Blueberry Pancakes tonight for dinner! Yummy!

Also on Saturday, we went shooting. We went shooting out in Sutton. I only shot the Glock that Joe has. Joe and his brother Alan shot a small propane bottle each.. Joe's went FLYING.. and Alan's went rolling around on the ground. It was a Fun time. Alaeric and Niall got to shoot Joe's gun's, too. I hope they had a lot of fun, cause it was fun watching! The loud noises were not so much fun though- I did get a great picture of the Matanuska Susitna Valley! Oh, and all that slimey, stickly, silty mud up in the mountains was not that fun to walk in. It takes forever to dry. The shoes I was wearing still have wet mud on them.. and I still need to clean them off. Man.

Alaeric shooting a shotgun

he should have been wearing ear protection!
Where is his Mother?!

atleast he's wearing ear protection!


mikensi.jimmy said...

aw, they look like they are having so much fun!