Wednesday, August 6, 2008

quick update

Well, Joe had an interview with the Kenai Police Department. Joe said it went well. We should know next week if he will continue on with the hiring process. We went down to Soldotna for the weekend. I got to spend sometime with my friends and it was great! It would be wonderful to move down there and be close to my friends again, but I also understand that it could not happen. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for us, but right now its just hard knowing what that is. We will know in time.
We got to see some awesome wild life. A mama moose with her baby... and 2 grizzly cubs. Usually 2 young grizzly cubs are with their mother, but we think these ones were orphaned. The mother was not there with them... and the park ranger who shot rubber bullets at the ground wasn't too concerned.
On the 22nd I will make it down to Soldotna by myself for a girls weekend. Should be lots of fun, i'm excited for it!
School starts on the 18th - Jaydon is super excited. I'm excited for him. Next week we will all start getting up earlier to get use to the new schedule.
Joe and his brother, David, went fishing yesterday. They got quite a few fish. I think they got 3 reds and 6 silvers.. I dont know- I dont know how to tell the difference between the two. Either way, they had fun. Joe said that hes fished out for the summer, and that hes not going to go anymore. Hunting season starts on the 21st I think- He wants to get a moose. We'll see what happens. He also wants to get a bear. I think all this stuff is a little dangerous... what do you think?

this was out at the end of the Kenai Spur Highway.
By Capt. Cook State Park.

This was after he was shot at by the park ranger..
The park ranger actually shot the ground.. not the bear.

Fish... yum.

David with a good size..... silver. Like I said i cant tell the
difference between a red and a silver.


mikensi.jimmy said...

luke at the cute baby bears!!