Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall in Alaska

Well, I did take some pictures when we went to Eklutna Lake for a drive on Sunday. I thought that I would post them.

I went for this drive in my Crocs. I love em. They're ugly, but they are comfortable. Its sad to know that here in a few weeks i will have to put them up cause there will be snow and everything. Anyways, I should learn my lesson when on an outing that involves the outdoors. Remember in June, i went for a 3 hour HIKE in my crocs. Who knew that a little walk to turn into a 3 hour hike. Next time.. my hiking boots are a must! On Sunday we went for a walk right around Eklutna Lake.. I didnt know there was going to be grey, Silty, slimy, sticky, SLIPPERY mud. Joe wanted to walk up to this creek so we could take a few pictures. I should have listened to my instincts and said.. "Uh, no Joe.. I'm going to fall on my arse and then we're gonna have to cut this whole trip short" WELL, I slipped in that grey, silty, slimy, sticky, SLIPPERY mud.. on my BUTT. Sure, its funny now.. BUT I was holding my nice expensive camera... We are all very lucky I SAVED MY CAMERA and slipped on my butt.. Well, I'm glad anyways. I washed my crocs so they could be worn again before the snow falls. I hope you all enjoyed this story... cause really It is embarrassing, and NO THERE ARE NO PICTURES of ME IN or COVERED in mud!

Joe took this picture. Pretty!

So pretty! I'm just not looking forward to the winter.

Eklutna Lake

I took this right before I slipped in the mud.

Pioneer has more snow on it today than it did on Sunday.

lol - No explaination needed... right?


Bridges Family said...

Love the photo's. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I can't wait for the tree's in our area to turn as well. Hopefully we'll have a new camera by then!

Cheryl said...

Eklutna! I love that place!! You did an awesome job of capturing it in your pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

I am a wee bit disappointed not to see you all wet and slimy!! ;p)

Randrea said...

I love autumn in Alaska--beautiful pictures!!