Friday, November 14, 2008

Fabulous Time

I had the most fabulous time visiting teaching today! My partner and I visit the most awesome lady ever. We use to have more people until they got taken off our route or they moved. Anyways, we always have a wonderful time. The Spirit was strong, and everything just seemed to fit together, perfectly. We had just been casually talking about change, and then when I started teaching the short lesson, it hit me! The lesson was on Change, and I chose that particular lesson cause of the way things in my life have been a little over a year and a half: ALWAYS CHANGING.
President Thomas S. Monson, is a truely inspired man. I Love the talk that he gave during the last General Conference "Finding Joy in the Journey" -- I know that the words he spoke during that talk were inspired and were coming from our Heavenly Father for some reason. I do have a testimony of the Gospel, even if I am not really vocal about it. And there are plenty of things that I need to work on personally.. which I am doing! Heavenly Father Loves us, and wants us to be happy, and find joy in our journey through life.


mikensi.jimmy said...

aw, what an awesome time! that totally rocks! way to listen to the spirit!!

Bridges Family said...

Change seems to be constant for us as well. I agree finding happiness in what is happening in our lives today is the hardest part but in the end rewarding.