Friday, November 21, 2008

Time....err something.

Well, This week has been alright. Kelcey has been a good girl. She has a thing for baby dolls, and will carry them around with her for a few seconds and find something else to do. Yesterday she discovered Buzz Lightyear and all the sounds that he can make! She is such a delight to be around. I was reading Twilight the yesterday and she would crawl in my lap and just sit for a few mins. Its great spending time with her!
Carson has gotten up early and he hardly cried when I told him he had to go to school the the last 4 days. He is not a morning person. Even if i put the kid to bed at 7pm, he will still cry at 7am cause he has to get up and go to school. The poor boy. He always has an awesome time at school though!
Jaydon is been on my nerves! I will tell him to go to bed at 7:30 - 8 o'clock. I'll put him in bed, but then he wont go to sleep. The one night he went to bed before 10pm i stayed in the room with him in the dark.. he fell asleep in 20 mins. THEN its like torture to get him to do his homework. He thinks I'm MEAN! Oh well... he will appreciate me someday, right? Yesterday he got home from school 20 minutes LATE. I was starting to get freaked out. Apparently he missed his bus stop.... cause he was talking to a girl in his class. I told him he needed to pay attention a little more when he is on the bus!

Joe and I are going to see Twilight tonight. We are going with my brother-in-law, Alan, and my Sister-in-law, Tami. Should be a good time, right?! The first book in the series, Twilight, was pretty good. I'm excited to read the other books.

Joe is doing good- We are hoping the State Troopers will be calling soon to finish up the testing for employment.. and hopefully he passes! This is really what Joe wants to do. He wants to go to the February Academy, and leave me alone for 4 months! nah, i'm teasing.. I hope he gets what he wants.. and that we dont live in the BUSH.

Keep my brothers in your prayers.. some have hit hard times with the way the economy has been going, and the companies cutting back.. I love my brothers dearly, and it pains me to see them and their families sufferining.. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Pictures will be posted SOON!


mikensi.jimmy said...

ugggh!! not twilight! let's go back to the conversation i had w/ you recently. lol! so, how did jaydon end up coming home? did the bus driver take him? i hope your brothers will be ok! it's so scary what's happening to this economy!

Tami'z Blog said...

Tee hee hee hee hee....Go team Edward!