Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunsets and Moons

In the winter here in Alaska, you can see some pretty amazing sunsets/sunrises. I Love living here, but its ben really cold here. I'm not use to this below zero weather, and my car doesnt warm up fast enough! The moon has been pretty awesome the last few nights/early mornings so I got a picture of that, too... after a lot of trial and error with my camera... Hope you enjoy the pictures! I'll post more soon.. I've just been busy with reading the twilight series, doing a Christmas slideshow, and making a Christmas cards. Hope everybody is doing well!! :D


mikensi.jimmy said...

sorry to hear it is sooooo freezing!! :( this is the time of year i wish i had a garage.. not lived in one.

the pictures are amazing, karen! you are one awesome photographer :) i've been missing alaska these past couple of days. not sure why since i'm already depressed about the dark times, lol!

OUR STORY said...

great job on the photos, you are a little pro...I know the weather has been icky here too. Just think dec 21st is soon and then we will start gaining daylight!

The Alaska Coyles said...

These are gorgous pictures. The one think I miss about moving here (wasilla) is the great outdoors. In Big Lake I too, would see some wonderful sunsets and rises. Here I just see houses. Thanks for sharing!