Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jaydon's Theory

Background: Jaydon has had some trouble going to bed when we put him in his bed. He thinks playing with toys is more important than getting a good nights rest for school or whatever in the morning.

Jaydon has been in his special education program since the start of the school year and has been doing great and passing off goals on his IEP and everything! When I got a look at his progress report (I get them once a quarter) and I was going, "wow, GREAT Job! You're doing wonderful, Jaydon!"

He comes back with this remark.... "MOM, SEE!!! I don't need sleep to do good in school and everything!!"

Hilarious.. but yes, Jaydon dear... You need sleep.. not only for your physical Health, but your own good!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

and for YOUR own good!

The Alaska Coyles said...

Too funny! How many times do kids think they don't need to sleep? Tell him that one day...that is all he is going to want to do - is sleep.