Monday, January 19, 2009

Rain, Rain, and MORE Rain!

Well, a couple weeks ago we had some pretty COLD weather! I think the lowest it got was like 30 BELOW Zero. Last week it got warm, and by warm I mean it was like 40+ degrees. VERY enjoyable! The roads were HORRIBLE. School was canceled for 2 days (Wednesday & Thursday) and it rained. It was Icy. The snow is pretty much gone. Sad! The back roads are the worst. The main roads here in town were pretty good, until today, when it started raining again. The temperature is hovering right above freezing. Hopefully tomorrow the roads won't be too terribly bad, but its not lookin so good. Hopefully the weather, where ever you are, is good!


mikensi.jimmy said...

bummer! i heard about all that! be safe out there!