Sunday, June 28, 2009

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I know I keep on saying that I need to update this thing more often. Well, its been 2 months since my last post. SO... Here is what has been going on in my life..

School ended! Jaydon is officially going into the 2nd grade. He has been doing fantastic on his reading, math, and writing. When he was in School, he was crossing off goals right and left and just doing wonderful! I need to stop slacking off and start working with him over the summer. Right, I know, the summer in half over and I haven't really done a darn thing! Carson will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall! I can't believe that I will have 2 kids in school all day.. pretty much. Kids grow up too fast! Carson is super excited, and I'm excited for him to have this wonderful new experience. When Carson was in Headstart they told me that I should put Kelcey in the program when she turns 3, which is February 16th.

I want her to go to school. I think it would be good for her! BUT I dont think shes quite ready yet. ESPECIALLY since I'm pregnant.. and I'm due FEBRUARY 15th. The day before Kelcey's birthday... I think she would be happier at home. I dont want her to feel that just because I have a new baby here at home, she has to leave. Am I crazy? I know little kids have feelings and want to be loved and needed.... and I dont want her to leave me yet! and I know I'm making this decision 7 months before she even has the option of going to school. Okay... Did that make any sense at all??

I went fishing. I caught 4 halibut. Two of those Halibut were BIG. One was 50lbs and the other was 100 lbs. Joe had to help me reel them in. We went out with My friend Denise's dad, Jerry, and my brother in law, David, and his wife, Heidi. We had fun. Heidi was sick most the time. The next day we went on a King Charter.. we caught NOTHING. I was sad.. I wanted some salmon!

Like I said, I am pregnant. Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. My first appointment with a doctor is July 6th. I'm excited, I'll let ya know how that goes. Well, IF I remember to tell you how it went, I'll post something. This pregnancy has been interesting. I've had the nauseated feeling ALL day, EVERYDAY. I will eat, and then 2 minutes later.. I'm sick again. I have come to find out that if I keep myself hydrated with water and stuff.. its not as bad- but its still there. I'm hoping this passes soon, cause it sucks. BAD. I have had a few instances of spotting, but .. I haven't had any cramping or anything while its going on. I figure its the same thing that was going on with Kelcey.. which was a broken blood vessel on the cervix. I should call my doctor about that... Besides the spotting and the nausea, I'm dead tired. ALL. THE. TIME. -- I should be use to this by now.. this being my 4th kid. It probably wouldnt be so bad if I could take naps during the day.. but, I dont get to! My boys dont sleep anymore and my daughter.. she doesnt sleep either. :(

I do have pictures to post.. but I think I'll do that tomorrow when I have a little more time! I'm sorry I havent been good about updating this thing all the time. I will try and do better- but I will probably fail.

I hope you're doing well... and I'll post some pictures soon! :D

I should add that Joe is doing fantastic! :)


mikensi.jimmy said...

nice blurb about joe doing fantastic, lol! ^.^ sounds like everything is going well except for your morning sickness! i hope it goes away and doesn't linger like SOMEONE i know!!! ;) suxxors! i'm excited to hear from you july 6, lol!