Monday, June 29, 2009

A Monday Afternoon...

We made Chocolate Chip Cookies today. I've been wanting to make cookies for a few days, and today just happened to be the perfect day for it. They were super good, and they helped my morning sickness for... well.. they didnt really help my morning sickness, but they were super yummy! I got some pictures off my camera today.. I did realize that after I had uploaded these pictures that I had more pictures that I need to upload from my other camera. I'll get those later! Enjoy, here are a few pictures!

Kelcey fell asleep bent over the coffee table.

This picture was taken with my handy camera remote.

Picture of Rusty....

The kids bein cute with eachother!

I was going to go stand by the sign, but right as I took this picture
3 other cars full of people had the same Idea. This was all I got.

This picture was taken with an awesome lens. I dont care that the auto
focus didnt work.. Thanks Jason! And yes, Joe is handsome!!


mikensi.jimmy said...

omg, what a sleeping beauty!! way to capture that moment!

Bridges Family said...

The picture of Kelcey is hilarious! So good to know that she can sleep anywhere! Hope you are feeling better soon!