Monday, July 13, 2009

I think it's time to start potty training....

Well, the last few days, more or less, Kelcey has been taking her diaper off when its wet or poopy. She wants to wear her pull ups like a big girl. I'm all for her potty training and everything, cause buying diapers for 2 kids at one time is a bit pricey! So, now I start the potty training journey for the 3rd time, and I hope I have enough patience to make it through. I have a story from this morning that I'm going to share, but here is your warning that its GROSS.

** This morning I was able to sleep in a little... which was VERY nice! At about 9am I hear Sariah, my Sister in law, calling my name. From there I learn that Kelcey has undressed herself from the waist down. That includes the diaper being taken off. After she took her diaper off Rusty, our dog, decided he would go into Kelcey's room and and eat whatever was in the diaper. GROSS, I KNOW! I went downstairs to find Kelcey in her room and she was just SO HAPPY that she had taken her dirty diaper off for me.. to save me some work. I then had to clean her bum off. I figure she had been poopy for a little bit for the fact that the poo was dried on her bum partially. Then I was mad.. cause Joe left her poopy! I got over that pretty quick, cause.. I was getting sick. Anyways.. she got all cleaned up.. and since the incident this morning she has taken her diaper off 3 times.

As for other news........ We have been having some FABULOUS weather up here in Alaska! We have had record breaking HEAT. The only thing I dont like about the heat up here is that you have nowhere to escape it! Our bedroom was 83 degrees one night, and it didnt cool off till around 2am. I have gotten use to sleeping with the shades open in our room.. seeing as it does stay light til around 2-3am.

Kids have LOVED playing outside and we finally have a yard they can play in! We have played in the little pool we have and the sprinklers. Joe has been putting up a retaining wall in the front yard by the garage. I have been taking pictures of all the progress. He has been working REALLY hard!

We have really enjoyed having Sariah, Spencer, and Kenzie here visiting. This week they are down in Seward and Homer camping with Grandma and Grandpa McQueen. We are enjoying the semi quiet house! I have new pictures to upload and post soon. We went to the zoo in Anchorage and had a lot of fun.

Hope everybody is doing GREAT!


mikensi.jimmy said...

good luck potty training! let me know if girls or boys are easier ;)