Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthdays and School

Well, Jaydon had his birthday on the 6th of August, and Carson had his on the 16th of August. They each had birthday parties, and had a blast! I think next year we will do a combined birthday party. The boys have been doing great!

School started for Jaydon on the 17th, and he has been enjoying it quite a bit! He has the teacher he had in Kindergarten when we moved back up here. Carson started yesterday (The 24th) and has been having a great time! He got to ride the bus this morning and wished he could ride it home.

Not much has been going on. I go in for my 16 week appointment on the 31st, and we are getting another ultrasound cause that little bleed or whatever hadn't gone away yet. My tummy is getting bigger and soon I will start feeling the baby move! We are excited to find out what we will be having.. We wont find out until the end of September or Early October, but oh well.

At the beginning of August Jaydon was bit by a dog. I took him to the ER and they cleaned it out and everything. The doctor decided to put 2 stitches in it on the ends, and then leave the middle open so it could drain. They gave him an antibiotic, too. Well, the stitches didnt work out... the wound sealed and then it got infected. I took him back to the ER and they took the stitches out, and they gave him another antibiotic. and then they covered the wound. We had to take him back the next day cause the doctor wanted to check him out. But this time they decided to pack the wound. Let me tell ya, I had to pack that wound a few times, and it wasnt fun! I had to take Jaydon back 2 more times... but he is now completely healed. We are awaiting our bill from the hospital, but we dont expect it to be more than 375 dollars.. since we only have to pay for our copay. (75 dollars per visit) We will then be handing that bill over to the owner of the dog that bit Jaydon.

I hope everybody is doing well! Kelcey is enjoying all her "mommy" time. We went and had lunch with Joe yesterday in Anchorage. I dont think Kelcey knows just what to do with all the attention shes been getting the last few days. I better get going- I'll write more later!


Bridges Family said...

I'm glad to hear that Jaydon's arm has healed up AND that you are passing that bill along to the dog's owner! Hope you are feeling better ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl!